Friday, September 28, 2012

Triton: The Old Guy

I have a triathlon dream. Ok, I have many triathlon dreams, but this may be the one I most relish. I want to be the old guy at the events, the guy everyone knows and of whom people say ‘Wow, he’s amazing! They say he’s been doing these local events for 60 years!’. (Let’s be clear about this: this will be the only way the word ‘amazing’ will every be linked to my triathlon career.) My first race was in 1986 so that means I’d be 81 and still swimming, biking and running. The environment of a triathlon is something special – so positive and celebratory. Who wouldn’t want to make that an ongoing part of one’s long, healthy life? Add to that the fact that once I’m a little older I won’t be as inclined to run so hard I vomit, the whole picture is looking pretty good to me. Easy swim, easy bike, easy run and then I hop back into my flying car and return to home to my space pod (it’s 2046, after all).

Today we salute Sister Madonna Buder. A few weeks ago, at age 82, she became the oldest person to ever complete an Ironman triathlon. What a way to cap off a career. But wait – no, she’s not done yet. She’s preparing to do the Hawaii Ironman on October 13th. That is one cool lady. And, she’s a great writer. Read her race report here:

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