Thursday, September 27, 2012

Triton: Lights, Camera, Triathlon


Triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports in North America and it is coming more and more into the public conscience.  Witness the Malibu Triathlon last weekend where Hollywood stars took part in relay teams, stars like Rainn Wilson from The Office.  The entertainment press was there and, hence, our sport made it to the TV's of a whole new audience.  In fact, the story of one of those actors, John Cryer, crashing on the bike course, may have been the most read triathlon story of the year.

Someday, maybe we'll see a triathlon scene in a major motion picture or a television character who trains and participates in the sport.  God knows we triathletes are idiosyncratic and, as characters, could supply plenty of potential humour or drama.

The starting point may be for us to be in commercials.  But here we face an enormous road block.  How do you do a triathlon commercial when you know it will certainly pale by comparison to the trail blazer: Wes Hobson's Clif Bar commercial from early last decade.

Have you seen triathlon appear in a TV show or movie?  Post a comment and we'll track the sports ascension to the upper levels of pop culture!

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