Monday, October 15, 2012

Triton: Electing Ironman

So, you watched the Hawaii Ironman over the weekend and now fancy a go yourself. You’re not alone. Many people set a goal to do an IM but some do so without much knowledge of what is involved. It’s like saying I’m going to be a become mayor and make a difference in this town without realizing an election is involved.

Crossing the finish line at your first Ironman triathlon (or Iron Distance if it’s not a race owned by the WTC) is one of those life events that will never be forgotten. But crossing the finish line is just the end of a journey and you want to make sure you enjoy the journey, right? I was speaking to a friend once who was nearing her Ironman event and I asked her how it was going. She shared with me words so simple yet powerful, so poetic yet clear, that I offer them for consideration to anyone considering this daunting event. She said, “I’m in the best shape of my life, but my life is not in very good shape.”

You will need to make many sacrifices along the way. The training time will be accompanied by ‘thinking time’. When you’re not training you’ll find yourself thinking about training. You talk about the things you think about so, you will be talking a lot about Ironman. Those around you need to be prepared for all of this.

My Ironman story features a journey that I value even more than the finish line. I managed to keep it all in balance but it was a challenge. For Ironman, the life plan comes before the training plan.


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